Vegetarian meat

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Healthy innovation!
We designed Healthy innovation - or «Hi!» - to create the food of the future.
plant-based patties for burgers 2 pcs, 200g
plant-based patties for burgers 4 pcs, 400g
plant-based patties for burgers 8 pcs, 800g
plant-based patties classical 2 pcs, 200g
plant-based patties classical 4 pcs, 400g
plant-based patties classical 8 pcs, 800g
dumplings with minced plant-based meat, 300g
dumplings with minced plant-based meat, 800g
plant-based nuggets, 200g
plant-based meatballs, 280g
minced plant-based meat, 400g
Healthy innovation inspires us to make common products better using exclusively plant-based ingredients. This is the food of the future for those who take good care not only of their health but also of the eco-environment. Plant raw materials, purity of ingredients, vitamin benefits, environmentally friendly production, conscious consumption - this is the new view of life offered by «Hi!»
Love of nature
Together wtih Hi
100 % VEGAN
recyclable package
recyclable bottle
products of animal origin
Hi meat technology
We take plant
 - pesticide-free
 - gluten-free
We add
water, oil,
spices and
We mix and cook.
Innovations are only
in the technology of production,
no extra additives
We pack into separate
Food blogger Max Brandt tasted way
more meals than we can imagine.
Probably, dozens of thousands. He seems
to know everything about food. And is it possible to
surprise such a sophisticated taste-teller?

In his review of the menu Max
shares his impressions of the new meal from Andrei
Shmakov @andreishmakov with «Hi!».